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Dave Jones
Birthday: September 30th
From: Bend Oregon
Personal: Single no Children
Insterment: vocals rythem guitar

Marshall 4x12 Cellestion cabinets, Seismic bass cabs, Gibson Explore, ESP guitars ESP/EGM Pickups, MESA Rectifier, TC Electronics G-Magor, Line-6, Sure-58, Sure-55SH, TC-Helicon, Digitech Studio processors, Behringer FBQ2496 Feedback Destroyer, BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer.
Sean (Flames) Quinnett
Birthday: January 30th
From: Albany Oregon
Personal: 1 Child
Insterment: Drums

Tama, Aquarian Heads, Ahead Drum Sticks, Zildjian, Axis Pedals
2- 22" bass drums 14" Snare,
8", 10", 12", 13", 14" 15" Tom toms
16" 18" Floor tom
14" High-Hat, 18" Rock Crash, 16" Thin Crash, 10" Splash,
16" Medien Thin Crash, 18" Medium Ride, 14" Paper Thin Crash,
21" Medium Ride 14" Trash China
20" China Boy High
Don Bolts
Birthday: May 21st
From: back seat of a 79 Buick LeSabre
Personal: Married
Insterment: lead guitar

Crate GX-120, Marshall 4x12 Cellestion cabinets. Squire an Telecaster guitars, Boss pedals, Zoom GFX 320.
Anthony Hamilton
Birthday: March 22nd
From: Palmdale California
Personal: Girlfriend
Insterment: Bass

Ibanez 4 and 5 string, Behringer 4x10 , Peavey, Ernie ball strings, V-Bass-processor, tech 21 red ripper pedal.